Saturday, April 2, 2011

Odins Blood its Thor

a little explanation about this illustration.
A good friend of mine and a great illustrator Marcelo Baez felt the need to be restrained from buying up all the books he wanted on amazon, especially the Thor Omnibus by Stan Lee and jack Kirby. So I felt the need to illustrate his problem this way.


Marcelo Baez said...

Thanks Frank! Now I look like desperate comic geek! ... oh wait I am!
Great work too mate! Love the colours!

Frank kennedy said...

If you are a desperate comic geek then you are in good company,thanks for the inspiration Marcelo.

Craig Phillips said...

Looks Awesome Frank! Really good to see more work. I hope you can now put down the paintbrush hammer and shovel and pick up your pencils again.

Id love to see you do more of this adventure stuff. Good to see you blogging again too!

Frank kennedy said...

thanks Craig,
Its nice to be able to put away the home handy man tools and get back to the drawing table.
some more Thor illos on the way soon.