Saturday, December 26, 2009

Red Head Warrior

this was created for the Deviant Art Childrens Illustrators club monthly theme of Red Head.

this was pen and ink with digital colours


Douglas Holgate said...

Really great Frank! Especially like the subtle textures and the depth you've attained in the forest. But what has she seen!?

Frank kennedy said...

thanks Doug.
the question mark as to what was approaching was half the fun of doing this illustration.
what could be coming after the young prince and princess?
I hadn't anything firm in mind but it could be trolls or werewolves maybe a band of mercenaries.
not sure, but is fun to speculate.

Craig Phillips said...

I really like the vibe of this one. Reminds me of a fun YA fantasy comic book. Id like to see you do more of this type of stuff.