Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Challenge was given

A good friend and a great Illustrator Marcelo Baez has set a challenge for us to post at least two finished personal illustrations a week to keep us more creative and for a bit of fun.
So Marcelo here is my first one this week, the Challenge is on!
this is my take on Batman just in case you weren't sure who it was. Brush pen inks over a pencil sketch with photoshop colors.


Dan said...

Hey Frank - Great piece and good choice for the first throw-down of your challenge - Batman!

Look forward to seeing what's next in your arsenal, and thanks for choosing to follow It's A Dan's World!

Frank kennedy said...

Hi Dan,
nice of you stop by and leave a comment. thanks for the kind words and thanks for following.

Marcelo Baez said...

Very cool Frank! I better pull my finger out!!

Frank kennedy said...

did you just hear that pop!
I think it was a digit extraction.