Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Amazing Tim Sale

This is me on the right meeting one of my favourite artist's the Amazing Tim Sale at the 2009 Sydney Supanova comic convention. What a great day it was.

Tim sale is artist of so many great comic book such as Batman long Halloween, Batman Dark Victory, Superman for all seasons, Spiderman Blue, Hulk Grey to just name a few.

Tim is also the artist for the TV show Heroes. So when you see one of the shows characters produce a painting or a sketch that's Tim Sale's artwork.

Tim was very friendly and graciously posed for photo's and signed my copy of the Tim Sale black and white hardcover book of sketches and artwork.

I was lucky to get in early Saturday morning and Tim's booth was very quiet and my two sons and I had a chance to talk and get photos with out to much hassle.

My most treasured Art book, Tim Sale Black and White,
revised and expanded Hardcover edition

this is me looking on, very much star struck to be meeting an artist whose work is so inspirational

this is the page that Tim Sale signed for me, Awesome.

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Marcelo Baez said...

I can see your fanboy sweat in the second shot with Mr Sale.