Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hulk Jumps my process

I just thought maybe somebody might be interested to see how I create an image from thumbnail sketches to a finished color piece.
so I hope this gives a little insight into my working process.

OK I started with a pretty solid idea of what I wanted after sometime of thinking about what I felt my image of the Hulk would look like. So you can see below that I quickly captured a very rough sketch as a guide for my larger more detailed pencil sketch.

I started sketching on an A3 size page and after almost finishing this pencil sketch I felt unhappy with a few elements, like the face and the arm on the left which should be larger as it is extended toward the viewer. So I scrapped this sketch and just light boxed  the main shapes for placement and started fresh on a new page.

so here below is my second go at sketching my Hulk Jumping from a mountain range.
I was much happier with the shape and foreshortening of the hulk figure and I also think the face is an improvement. So I worked on this some more adding more details so it would be easier to ink.

when I was happy with my pencil sketch I then sticky taped a new sheet of fresh A3 paper over the pencil sketch and placed them on my light box to ink.
I light box my pencils just in case there is a mishap in the inking and I have to start all over.
I used a nylon number one brush for most of it and for some minor details around the face I used a size zero brush. The ink used was Art Spectrum pigmented ink which I usually water down just a little so it flows a little easier. as you can see below inking really solidifies the image

 after the inking process then I usually just scan it into photoshop and add the color.
I will usually use quite a few layers to add the color working on building shadows and highlights on separate layers until I am happy with it. the moon line work and mountain line work were colored to make them sit behind the Hulk so he looks closer to the viewer, like he is popping out of the page.
I hope this was a little informative as to how I go about putting an image together.
I know I always like to see how other artist's sketch and create a finished image. it is always interesting to see someone else's creative process.


Craig Phillips said...

Hey Frank, very cool! I always like to see a breakdown of peoples process from stat to finish!

Frank kennedy said...

thanks Craig.